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About Iran:


Strategic position of Iran in the Middle East and Persian Gulf region:


Iran is one of the greatest and important countries in the Middle East and Persian Gulf region which possesses the huge energy reservations, raw materials (required for different industrial, mining, and agricultural sectors), the energetic and specialized human resources in the various scientific and research fields, communicational and commercial bridge between the Central Asian Countries and the free seas, desirable and sustainable security, and so on has attained a specific situation for fast growth and economical development among the regional countries.


Iranian situation in the different fields of tourism and handcrafts:


Iran is one of the ancient countries in the world and especially in the Middle East which has a plenty of historical places and tourist attractions such as Persepolis and Tomb of Cyrus the Great in Fars Province, ancient monuments in Shush, Shahr-e Sookhtrh (Burnt City) in Sistan, Si-o-seh Pol (Bridge of 33 arches) in Isfahan, Fin Garden in Kashan, and some other places all over the country. 

Due to the mountainous places such as Alborz and Zagros mountain ranges as well as the deserts, plains, lakes and seas, etc.; Iran has a various climatologically conditions. 

Together with the archeological places and attractive nature for tourists, Iran has unique handcrafts in the world so that some of its handcrafts can be named as carpets and rugs, and also metal, stony, wooden, clay, and glass products.

It's emphasized that Iran is much ready to be visited by the foreigner tourists due to its enriched potentials in the field of touring and tourism industry.


Iranian specific situation for investment and production:


Having huge reservations and various resources in the field of energy, mining, and agricultural affairs, Iran has appropriate conditions for investment and specifically creating industries related to processing raw materials.

Therefore, the "Organization for Investment Economic and technical Assistance of Iran" welcomes the foreign investors who are active in the different fields of Iranian economy.