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Persia e-commerce website has been designed and launched in order to introduce the Iranian economical, research, tourism, artistic, and expert capacities.

About us

About us:


Due to the existing and considerable potentials in Iran, it seems necessary to introduce a fairly comprehensive capabilities of Iranian organizations which are active at private sector in the various economical fields such as investment, production and business, tourism, art and handcrafts, applied research projects, trade unions, and societies. In addition, the introduction of Iranian super experts in different fields of medical sciences, engineering, humanities, and art is another aim of this website as well.


To attain the aforesaid goal, Behravesh Aspian Shargh Research and Commercial Company, by relying on its experts and the private sector involvement, is trying to introduce a clear image of Iranian capacities in the various fields of economical, research, tourism, handcrafts, and art activities to the world society.